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I just discovered a song from UNKLE Uk djs with Thom Yorke ! Great song.


Video Clip:

Unkle & Tom York (Radiohead) – Rabbit in your headlights from nimoff on Vimeo.

Terranova Equal Rights Muzikat Trip Hop Electro blog

Good lord I would like to sleep ! I really do, but sometime the passion is stronger than your will ! I was working peacefully and I wanted a good old song than I have never listen again since my 14 years old. Thanks to the World Wide Web I finally found it. Enjoy Terranova a wonderful Trip Hop band from Germany and US. The band was created in 1997 by Fetisch (Producer and DJ), Maro Meister (Jazz man) and Kaos (DJ). Strong electronic mixed with hip hop and rock influence. They launched in 2011 an album: “Hotel Amour”.

Muzikat RJd2 Ghostwriter

RJD2 Alias Ramble John “RJ” Krohn is an American music producer, singer and musician. RJD2 was produced by the Definitive Jux label where he released two instrumental hip hop albums then he joined XL Recordings. The Third Hand, is a striking departure from his usual style and features RJD2 singing and playing instruments on nearly every track. You probably know him thanks to “The Horror” and “Ghostwriter” or the AMC’s Mad Men theme song “A Beautiful Mine”. Muzikat Love it !

This song is created by the band One Self, formed by Dj Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blurum13. Great hip hop sound supported by Ninja Tune records ! You can see the wonderful city of Barcelona in this clip. Enjoy the Sun !

Blockhead (Hip Hop producer in Manhattan) creates this time its own song under the Ninja Tune label. Nice Trip hop song. By the way, if you like this kind of music, discover the Ninja Tune Label ! One of my favorite !