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We’ve already talked about The Glitch Mob here. Strong background and good beats producing a violent atmosphere perfectly adapted to ski on a wonderful white mountain ! I’m Karbonnism from Muzikat, hopin you’ll enjoy the music I share !



Hey ! Muzikat always loved Bonobo alias Simon Green, great Producer, composer and Dj from UK. He is under the Ninja Tune label and always produced beautiful downtempo & Trip Hop songs. If you don’t know him yet, you really should discover this artist !

Let me introduce the Amercian producer and DJ “Paper Tiger”. John Samuel is since 2001 the Producer, DJ and designer of Doomtree (Hip Hop Collective). This song created by this Beatmaker is close to Trip-Hop and Chill Out. Enjoy !

It is Monday again 😦 However in your office you can listen this song and get some rest ! Wonderful composition of the UK band Zero 7. You will probably be seduced by the voice of Sia. By the way this song was on Garden States Soundtrack.

Blockhead (Hip Hop producer in Manhattan) creates this time its own song under the Ninja Tune label. Nice Trip hop song. By the way, if you like this kind of music, discover the Ninja Tune Label ! One of my favorite !