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Heya guys,

Here’s quite a strange selection with many styles introduced. Hope you’ll appreciate that, I will not write so much as the music brings you away by itself.

Cheers fellows, see you very soon.

Robin Thicke – Everything I can’t have (DJ Vadim Edit)

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Betatraxx Remix)

Old School baby (Vitalic unofficial remix)

Crystal Fighters – You & I (Gigamesh Remix)

Boys Noize – Ich R U (Justice Remix)

Muzikat Musicat Karbonnism Sound Selection Electro Chill Hip Hop Electro Wax Music

Hey everyone,

I am glad to see you again after important personal and professional concerns which took me up for a couple of weeks. Still I have found some cool tracks from many styles during these days, I hope you’ll enjoy this little gift.

No more words, just music guys. Have a nice Sunday 🙂

More Than You – Koven (RoughMath remix)

Fierce – Azealia Banks (Josh Peace Mustache Redux)

Sunset – Oliver Schories (Joris Delacroix remix)

Enjoy – Gigamesh (Oliver Remix)

Flex – Pool (Aeroplane Remix)

Muzikat Left Boy Electro Dub Step Magnifico Jack Sparow Video Games
I already talked about Left Boy, the talented Austrian singer. I loved his very personal remixes.

Video Games – Left Boy

Outro – Left Boy

Your Song – Left Boy

Jack Sparrow – Left Boy

Down The Road

World Championship Team DJ Set

It is with a great Pleasure that Muzikat introduces you to C2C (Coups De Cross) ! This Scratcher Collective was created in 1998 by 4 french DJ: 20syl, Atom, Greem and Pfel. However these guys worked on different personal projects: 20syl and Greem founded Hocus Pocus (Compositor, MC, DJ). Pfel succeed to get the second place for individual DMC (Disco Mix Club / World ranking) then create with Atom the band Beat Torrent. However now they launch their first Album “Down the Road” and it is a wonderful news ! You will also find their World Championship Team DJ Set. Enjoy, Share it !

muzikat, Dubstep

Personally I miss strong and powerful Dubstep Hip Hop. Therefore here is a Fat sound much more closer to Dubstep than to Hip Hop created by Peso and remixed by Vaski !

Dubphonic was created by 2 Parisians in 1999. Nora Dub is a really powerful dub song, this one is an example of their deep Dub/beat sound!

Blockhead (Hip Hop producer in Manhattan) creates this time its own song under the Ninja Tune label. Nice Trip hop song. By the way, if you like this kind of music, discover the Ninja Tune Label ! One of my favorite !

This is an Electro – Pop sound created by Uffie. Uffie is an American pop singer supported by Ed Banger records. (Its famous music is “Pop the Glock”)

Great old style soundtrack taken from Black Dynamite ! This sound is between Funk and Electro ! Enjoy 😉