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Free To Download:

Let me introduce Tourist who remixed a Sharon Van Etten’s Track: “We Are Fine”. This DJ and producer from Brighton create once again a wonderful chillwave song which will make you fly ! The Remix is free to download, so go for it !

Muzikat Lucky Boy DJ Mehdi Outlines remix Electro piano sound blog

We miss you Dj Mehdi … Outlines remixed lucky Boy in the right direction (Remake would be more adapted). Thank you Outlines for putting soul style in this already great song.

Muzikat Cosmic Girl Jamiroquai Allure Remix Electro Disco Funk Sound

Muzikat already talked about Allure on the Sebastien Tellier Post. But I still wanted to post this awesome remix of Jamiroquai created by the Parisian DJ. listen this Disco-Electronic-House-Funk sound; enjoy your Thursday. By the way you can get this track for free !

Muzikat Una Mattina Ludovico Einaudi Alex D Daniell Remix Electro Sound Music Blog

Today a smooth remix of Ludovico Einaudi song “Una Mattina” which is now really famous thanks to the french movie Intouchables. The song is remixed by Alex Daniell a French minimalist DJ.

Muzikat song music sounds Supersittion Stivie Wonder Monolith Remix

Today Muzikat gives you a Free to Download remix of the famous Stevie Wonder song: Superstition. The LA/NYC based producer Monolith succeed to remix it in the right and hard way with powerful electric underline of the melody. Enjoy this Groovy Electronic Track !

muzikat ladyhawke gigamesh sunday drive

Sunday sunny and groovy song part I

Hello there, as the sun decided to join us here in Paris, we decided to offer you songs that will bring the sun to you anywhere you might be. So first, here is a Dj to follow called : Gigamesh. Coming from Mineapolis, he is one of those DJs that make the funk alive nowadays. He will release his new EP soon and it’s gonna be hot! Just close your eyes and imagine yourself sipping a cocktail on a beach!

BONUS – Download : He remixed the great MJ, enjoy and download it here for free!

Muzikat Crussen Johnossi Man Must Dance

Today Get a Smooth Swing-electro edited by Crussen! Crussen, Swedish DJ and producer is currently studying music and record production in Southampton, UK. By the way this track is Free to Download! The track was originally created by Johnossi (rock duo from Stockholm, Sweden) with John Engelbert as singer/guitarist and Oskar “Ossi” Bonde as drummer/singer. Their music is Indie rock, if you want to check the original song, click here !

As his name doesn’t show it, Jacques Renault is a DJ coming from Washington, D.C. He adapts in his track “pianos on the beach” a colored version of the well known “house of the rising sun”.

Chorus, piano and drum, as simple as beautifull. A must to play during your party or home alone!

muzikat, Dubstep

Personally I miss strong and powerful Dubstep Hip Hop. Therefore here is a Fat sound much more closer to Dubstep than to Hip Hop created by Peso and remixed by Vaski !