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Muzikat Musicat Parov Stelar Band Enzo Siffredi Jimmy's Gang

Muzikat cannot be Muzikat without the incredible energy of artists such as Parov Stelar. I suggest you to see them live: just amazing. Anyway, here’s a new 2012 track remixed by a young and quite powerful DJ called Enzo Siffredi.

Here‘s the MySpace of Enzo Siffredi. Hopin’ you’ll just enjoy !

Parov Stelar new album “The Princess” will be launch on April. This is “Jimmy’s gang” single, electro-swing song as always ! the fifth album already ?!

Slient Snow created by Parov Stelar (Austrian electronic producer and composer born in Linz in 1974). Parov Stelar is always between Disco and Jazz, he succeeds to keep its own style ! I will post some of his best sounds in few days !