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Black sands, the latest album of bonobo is still in our minds since 2010 but the English DJ (36 years old and such a talented guy) decided that it wasn’t enough. Bonobo will launch a new album in April. Muzikat offers you today a quick glance of the new song: “Cirrus”.

Muzikat Musicat Gramatik So much for love electro hip hop music

Hey there,

First of all merry Christmas guys ! Glad you survived to the end of the world =)
A little gift from Gramatik. Certified good vibes, I hope you’ll enjoy !

Peace guys !

Muzikat Felkoon Jacob & Phil Fill's Mephisto

Today Muzikat wants you to relax. Listen this song created by Felkon (Dresde, Germany). This Artist is produced by Pathétique label and succed to build smooth deep house with an idyllic voice ! Enjoy

Sayem is a french producer of electronic music. This song was use in a Nokia commercial, that is how I discovered it !