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Muzikat Little dragon Sunshine Electro Music Sound

Little Dragon latest track “Sunshine”. Muzikat is completely fan of this Swedish band ! This song is as usual between electronic and pop with the wonderful vocals of the Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano.

Constant Surprises:


As I said, Muzikat Loves Little Dragon ! Such a smooth group from Sweden. Each song are between Electronic and Pop, let be hypnotized by the particular voice of Yukimi Nagano (Swedish – Japanese). Muzikat will upload more of their songs but I strongly advice you the Album Ritual Union which is one of the best 2011 Album.

Muzikat little dragon Tycho Little Man

Today I will hit some classics ! First, Little Dragon which is my favorite band of this year. Then, let me introduce Tycho, created by 3 guys from San Francisco, Their electronic songs are really wonderful and peaceful. Tycho will be with Little Dragon in its world tour. I hope you will enjoy this track. (Free to download !)