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Muzikat Musicat Electro Jazz Funk Smooth Music Funky French DJ Moar

Hey everyone,

Let me introduce a really good French DJ called DJ Moar who’s been producing many massive stuff for a couple of years now. We can say that the music of this young guy from Nantes is affiliated with some jazz, funk, hip-hop and electro and it feels really good. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend guys !

Zomer Muzikat Bakermat Jazz Acid Jazz Electronic Music Blog

Muzikat was quite busy this week ! But I come back to offer you a wonderful chilling song created by Bakermat a Dutch beatmaker. Enjoy this Jazzy, Electronic and Funky track called Zomer (summer in Dutch). this song is quite close to St Germain creations but even more electronic !

Hi fellows, new fish in town, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Babaratiri. The perfect kind of latin jazz you will enjoy, one love

Muzikat Gramatik While I was Playin' Fair

Let me introduce you Gramatik a Slovenian who live in New York. He discovered Funk, Rythm & Blues and play piano really early ! after that He heard Hip Hop after and had the great idea to mix it ! You will hear quickly his Trademark : Jazz, Funk or swing sample with huge hip hop beat !

Slient Snow created by Parov Stelar (Austrian electronic producer and composer born in Linz in 1974). Parov Stelar is always between Disco and Jazz, he succeeds to keep its own style ! I will post some of his best sounds in few days !

Lyre le temps is between Hip hop, jazz and Dub. The band was created by 3 French DJ in 2009. This music shows how creative their sounds are !

First post in Muzikat ! I will first upload some of my best songs (old or new) !
This Jazz, electronic and also Trip Hop sound is taken from the Hotel CĂ´stes compilation (Vol. 6) !
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