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Muzikat Musicat Gramatik So much for love electro hip hop music

Hey there,

First of all merry Christmas guys ! Glad you survived to the end of the world =)
A little gift from Gramatik. Certified good vibes, I hope you’ll enjoy !

Peace guys !

Muzikat Don't Let Me Down 2012 Gramatik The Beatles

What a great sound for your ears ! Once again Gramatik launched a wonderful down tempo Hip Hop track. 3 days ago he created this song based on the “Don’t Let Me Down” of the Beatles. He simply adds vocals, bunch of instruments, synths and samples and here you go for a fantastic remix ! Do you want to listen more Gramatik sounds ? Click Here

muzikat how high pt2 gramatik method man redman orchestrated incident

We think you’ve understood that, here, at Muzikat we love Gramatik, the genius slovenian beatmaker. Here is a bootleg made by a fan who mixes the Gramatik’s Orchestrated Incident with the famous hip hop song How High by the two fellows, Method Man et RedMan. As always, violins and rap work perfectly together.
Talking about How High, the two rappers are always trying to make a sequel of that famous movie about botanic.

Muzikat Gramatik While I was Playin' Fair

Let me introduce you Gramatik a Slovenian who live in New York. He discovered Funk, Rythm & Blues and play piano really early ! after that He heard Hip Hop after and had the great idea to mix it ! You will hear quickly his Trademark : Jazz, Funk or swing sample with huge hip hop beat !