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Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt from Jon Bando on Vimeo.

Ok this sound is quite old but DJ Shadow produces everytime smooth electronic sounds. This sound is described as abstract Hip Hop. DJ shadow alias Joshua Paul Davis, is a Californian musician, producer and DJ. He is an emblematic figure of abstract Hip Hop. Enjoy !

Ok LMFAO is not the best electronic band in the world… Howerver they make really good clip ! So why deprive ourselves ? Sorry for Party Rocking !

Jazz, electronic sound quite peaceful created by The Herbalizer. The Herbalizer is a UK Collective leads by Jake Wherry (Jazz/funk/soul man) and DJ Ollie Teeba (close to Hip Hop et master of scratch).

Smooth, melodic and electronic sound created by Kleerup and Lykke Li. A Swedish producer, drummer and a Pop swedish singer. You could find this song on Misfit soundtrack (saison 1)

First post in Muzikat ! I will first upload some of my best songs (old or new) !
This Jazz, electronic and also Trip Hop sound is taken from the Hotel Côstes compilation (Vol. 6) !
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