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Musicat Muzikat Karbonnism Selection Electro Deep Smooth House Dubstep Music

Hi everyone,

Long time no see guys, I apologize for that. I make it up to you with this quite diversified selection. You’ll begin this music journey with some electro-swing thanks to the excellent French guys Bart & Baker. I let you enjoy the different styles presented here then, from deep and smooth house to electro-house and some special dark dubstep. Some of these songs are free to download so don’t hesitate 😉

Enjoy guys. See you very soon.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – Bart&Baker (DJ Mibor Remix)

Leven – Bakermat (Free to Download)

Willow – Fredrika Stahl (Joris Delacroix Remix) (Free to Download)

Fade Away – Vitalic (C2C Remix)

Suicide Monster – Unlike Pluto

Smokey Taboo – Cocorosie (Illestrait Dubstep Remix) (Free to Download)

Muzikat Left Boy Electro Dub Step Magnifico Jack Sparow Video Games
I already talked about Left Boy, the talented Austrian singer. I loved his very personal remixes.

Video Games – Left Boy

Outro – Left Boy

Your Song – Left Boy

Jack Sparrow – Left Boy

Baby Come Back Kill Paris Dubstep Muzikat Music Electro Electronic Blog
Free To Download

The LA producer “Kill Paris” is back with a massive dubstep-electro song “Baby Come Back”. Enjoy the funky electro beats balanced with some bass and sensual R&B vocals. Do yourself a favor, grab this free download song while it’s hot!

muzikat musicat the glitch mob bad wings

We’ve already talked about The Glitch Mob here. Strong background and good beats producing a violent atmosphere perfectly adapted to ski on a wonderful white mountain ! I’m Karbonnism from Muzikat, hopin you’ll enjoy the music I share !

Muzikat Left Boy Outro Music Sound Hip Hop DubStep Healthy Ego
Free To Download !

Muzikat wants to share with you a strange song: “Healthy Ego”. This track created by Ferdinand Sarnitz a.k.a Left Boy is a mix between DubStep, Hip Hop and Break beat. This Austrian guys who raps in English succeed to create a truly unique sound with a lot of funny samples (Macintoch, Porn Movies…). Here is his soundcloud. You can also discover his graphical universe here (Outro Video Clip)

Hello i’m a new member of the team, i thought the best way to introduce myself is to make you discover or rediscover that really good smooth dubstep song, enjoy. PANTyRAiD is the product of two music producers that met on the West Coast of the United States and share the same appreciation for well produced electronic dance music.

Muzikat Chill Bump Hip Hop Electro

Another great track from Chill Bump ! What a wonderful band ! France is so cool. We have Wine, Cheese, Bread, Justice, Sebastian, berets, Breakbot, Vincent Cassel, Chinese Man … ! Today we can add another thing: Chill Bump. SO good Enjoy !

muzikat, Dubstep

Personally I miss strong and powerful Dubstep Hip Hop. Therefore here is a Fat sound much more closer to Dubstep than to Hip Hop created by Peso and remixed by Vaski !