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Black sands, the latest album of bonobo is still in our minds since 2010 but the English DJ (36 years old and such a talented guy) decided that it wasn’t enough. Bonobo will launch a new album in April. Muzikat offers you today a quick glance of the new song: “Cirrus”.

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No Diggity (Free To Download !)

I’am Into You

Muzikat found for you Chet Faker, an Australian Artist and producer. This guys is described as The new prince of down tempo. He turns “No Diggity” from Blackstreet into an even smoother, lounge and sexier tune–if you can actually picture it. I also added “I’m Into You”, his latest track. You can discover more songs on his soundcloud here. What a great Artist !

Muzikat Don't Let Me Down 2012 Gramatik The Beatles

What a great sound for your ears ! Once again Gramatik launched a wonderful down tempo Hip Hop track. 3 days ago he created this song based on the “Don’t Let Me Down” of the Beatles. He simply adds vocals, bunch of instruments, synths and samples and here you go for a fantastic remix ! Do you want to listen more Gramatik sounds ? Click Here