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Muzikat Chill Bump Hip Hop Electro

Another great track from Chill Bump ! What a wonderful band ! France is so cool. We have Wine, Cheese, Bread, Justice, Sebastian, berets, Breakbot, Vincent Cassel, Chinese Man … ! Today we can add another thing: Chill Bump. SO good Enjoy !

Muzikat - Starting from scratch - Chill Bump

I just discover the Chill Bump. And you know what ? They are French : D a Hip Hop duo from Tours (France). Bankal (Beatmaker) and Miscellaneous (MC, lead singer of Fumuj and Rytmétix) created this group and launch their album “Starting from Scratch”. Their songs are Sample-based beats with and old school style ! Personally I love “My mother was a Pornstar” N°2 Enjoy : p