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Warf this is powerful ! Enjoy another song from the great french DJ C2C (Coup de Cross). Other songs:
Down the Road

Sleepless flume onora zimbabwe new navy the anthem Muzikat musicat blog electro music
Get some happiness by listening these tunes from Flume. Flume a.k.a Harley Streten is a musician from Sydney. I personally love breakbeat and he offers me wonderful chillout musics on his soundcloud.
Here you go for few songs

Sleepless – Flume

New Navy – Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)

Onra – The Anthem (Flume Remix)

And a new C2C video clip ! What a great band, Keep on scratching guys.

Muzikat Don't Let Me Down 2012 Gramatik The Beatles

What a great sound for your ears ! Once again Gramatik launched a wonderful down tempo Hip Hop track. 3 days ago he created this song based on the “Don’t Let Me Down” of the Beatles. He simply adds vocals, bunch of instruments, synths and samples and here you go for a fantastic remix ! Do you want to listen more Gramatik sounds ? Click Here

Muzikat Kill Paris I Do Love You

Muzikat is impressed by the goldmine that is Kill Paris, alias Corey Baker a DJ from Los Angeles. there are a lot of free to download tracks on his Soundcloud. Discover the electro bass, powerful and melodic sounds.

Muzikat C2C Bernhoft Shout

Another great remix from C2C (Coup de Cross) ! “Shout” originally created by Bernhoft, Norwegian singer with the New Wave band “Tears for Fears”. You will immediately recognize the signature of this wonderful scratch collective. C2C is back to give us so many good tracks !! If you want to listen the other recent song “Down the road” click here !