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Muzikat Alunageorge Your drums your love electro

I am really busy these weeks but I was unable to resist to take some time to post the new track of Alunageorge: Your Drums, Your Love. Be ready for their upcoming album due in 2013. More Alunageorge songs here and here.

Muzikat Electro Sound Music Electronic Blog I m his girl Friends AlunaGeorge Mix

Here’s London duo AlunaGeorge’s remix of Friends’ “I’m His Girl”. Muzikat has already talked about AlunaGeorge, check their other songs here. Enjoy this digital rework which has much more pulse than the original. Just another Chill-Out song.

Another great song from AlunaGeorge (Duo from Uk). This song between Pop and electro will become a success in few months ! According to many blogs AlunaGeorge is the revelation of the year ! Enjoy !