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Muzikat Musicat Lovework Black Light Smoke DJT T remix electro house music

Hey guys !

Here we go with a quite funky track of the very talented Black Light Smoke (‘Scissior & Thread’ Label) brilliantly remixed by the german DJ T from Frankfurt. This track makes us travel through time and space with an intense remix of electro beats and a subtle association of funk, disco, and even some hip-hop influences. You should take a peek at his Soundcloud where you can find some other amazing stuff !

Muzikat Musicat Theophilus London Crookers Stop It Electro Music Deep House

Hey fellows,

We just hope you are fine today. Muzikat was quite busy these days but we do not forget you and we always try to find some special music to share and enjoy with you. So here we are with an amazing deep house remix of a special italian duet Andrea Fratangelo (Phra) et Francesco Barbaglia (BOT) created in 2003 as the Crookers remixing Theophilus London, a very promising young rapper from New York. One more time the mix between bouncy electro and some underground vocal produces a catchy and electric atmosphere you’ll probably appreciate.

Peace guys. See you very soon !

Muzikat Musicat Kolombo My Own Business I want It All electro deep house music

Hey guys,

Hopin’ your weekend was nice ! I was quite busy this week but I managed to find out a kickass track for you. Here’s some amazing deep house from Kolombo, a.k.a. Olivier Grégoire, a Belgian DJ. Darky and funky sounds flying upon a great smooth bassline produce powerful feelings thanks to an amazing electro catchy vocal, even though I still think it is house more than minimal !

Hopin you’ll enjoy guys. Have a very nice week !

Muzikat Musicat under a layer maxim buldakov electro apparel music

Good evening guys,

I want to introduce you to an impressive Russian 25 years old DJ called Maxim Buldakov. This original mix is a very meticulous work, associating the melancholy you could feel in a Russian metro with a deep and nearly oppresive power. His label, Apparel Music, produces many high-quality stuff with very talentuous DJs.
I suggest you to listen to the other productions of Maxim Buldakov through his Soundcloud, I’m pretty sure you will find some brilliant tracks.

Wishin you a very nice weekend guys! Hope you’ll enjoy !

Muzikat musicat vietnam crystal castles electro music

Good evening guys,

Hope the week was good for you all. Here is my song for you to enjoy this weekend – Crystal Castles, wonderful duet. The original song makes you fly through space among the stars, incredible trip. The second one is so brilliant too, creating new feelings so sweet and quite more groovy. I don’t know which one you would prefer. I love them the same way, so I decided to publish both.

Enjoy guys, have a nice weekend !

Here is a deep house remix from Tale of Us & Mind Against from Southern Fried Records. Put the headphones loud and forget everything around you with this magical song. Not to mention this amazing part at around 4:30.

Here is the link to this London-Based label where you can find songs from deep house to pure techno :

I almost forget… Enjoy!

muzikat goldroom niki & the dove mother's project

Free Download Dear all, let me introduce you the next cool-song-with-an-amazing-female-voice with this remix of Niki & The Doves by Goldroom. The chorus (starting at 2:14) is just amazing. Hope you’ll enjoy (as usual) and that this song will help you go through this week!

Muzikat Musicat Sebastien Leger Polaroid Julian Jewell Remix

Hey guys. I hope your weekend was very nice ! Here is my Sunday track for you all, an amazing remix by Sebastien Léger, one of the best French DJs we can find I think, going through a bouncing atmosphere. What is especially impressing is that the song seems to change all the time, so that you can find several themes in the same song. Just excellent, so listen and fly away through the music !

Muzikat Musicat Paul Kalkbrenner 2raumwohnung wir werden sehen

Paul Kalkbrenner is probably one of the most talented German DJs as we can find in his music very good beats and an incredible kind of melancholy quite hard to find among other electro musicians. Here’s a quite surprising old remix of 2raumwohnung, a German duet created in 2000 (Inga Humpe & Tommi Eckart) from Berlin.

Btw, for those who have not seen that, please try to watch the movie “Berlin Calling” with Paul Kalkbrenner. Excellent movie with very fresh and deep tracks (maybe some of them will be posted later of course).

Peace guys ! Hopin you’ll enjoy !

Muzikat Musicat Parov Stelar Band Enzo Siffredi Jimmy's Gang

Muzikat cannot be Muzikat without the incredible energy of artists such as Parov Stelar. I suggest you to see them live: just amazing. Anyway, here’s a new 2012 track remixed by a young and quite powerful DJ called Enzo Siffredi.

Here‘s the MySpace of Enzo Siffredi. Hopin’ you’ll just enjoy !