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Hello i’m a new member of the team, i thought the best way to introduce myself is to make you discover or rediscover that really good smooth dubstep song, enjoy. PANTyRAiD is the product of two music producers that met on the West Coast of the United States and share the same appreciation for well produced electronic dance music.

Muzikat Chill Bump Hip Hop Electro

Another great track from Chill Bump ! What a wonderful band ! France is so cool. We have Wine, Cheese, Bread, Justice, Sebastian, berets, Breakbot, Vincent Cassel, Chinese Man … ! Today we can add another thing: Chill Bump. SO good Enjoy !

muzikat, Dubstep

Personally I miss strong and powerful Dubstep Hip Hop. Therefore here is a Fat sound much more closer to Dubstep than to Hip Hop created by Peso and remixed by Vaski !