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Heya guys,

Here’s quite a strange selection with many styles introduced. Hope you’ll appreciate that, I will not write so much as the music brings you away by itself.

Cheers fellows, see you very soon.

Robin Thicke – Everything I can’t have (DJ Vadim Edit)

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Betatraxx Remix)

Old School baby (Vitalic unofficial remix)

Crystal Fighters – You & I (Gigamesh Remix)

Boys Noize – Ich R U (Justice Remix)

Musicat Muzikat Karbonnism Selection Electro Deep Smooth House Dubstep Music

Hi everyone,

Long time no see guys, I apologize for that. I make it up to you with this quite diversified selection. You’ll begin this music journey with some electro-swing thanks to the excellent French guys Bart & Baker. I let you enjoy the different styles presented here then, from deep and smooth house to electro-house and some special dark dubstep. Some of these songs are free to download so don’t hesitate 😉

Enjoy guys. See you very soon.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – Bart&Baker (DJ Mibor Remix)

Leven – Bakermat (Free to Download)

Willow – Fredrika Stahl (Joris Delacroix Remix) (Free to Download)

Fade Away – Vitalic (C2C Remix)

Suicide Monster – Unlike Pluto

Smokey Taboo – Cocorosie (Illestrait Dubstep Remix) (Free to Download)

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Hey everyone,

I am glad to see you again after important personal and professional concerns which took me up for a couple of weeks. Still I have found some cool tracks from many styles during these days, I hope you’ll enjoy this little gift.

No more words, just music guys. Have a nice Sunday 🙂

More Than You – Koven (RoughMath remix)

Fierce – Azealia Banks (Josh Peace Mustache Redux)

Sunset – Oliver Schories (Joris Delacroix remix)

Enjoy – Gigamesh (Oliver Remix)

Flex – Pool (Aeroplane Remix)

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Now you have some music to listen ! : D Muzikat Selection of the Month

Today I discover Crystalised song which is a cover of “the XX”. Great acoustic version of the originally electronic one. I also add for you the Doncamatic track which is a feat of Gorillaz and Daley. All bouncing beats, deep funk grooves and sumptuous vocals (courtesy of hot new British talent Daley), this track just makes you want to move !

Muzikat Don't Let Me Down 2012 Gramatik The Beatles

What a great sound for your ears ! Once again Gramatik launched a wonderful down tempo Hip Hop track. 3 days ago he created this song based on the “Don’t Let Me Down” of the Beatles. He simply adds vocals, bunch of instruments, synths and samples and here you go for a fantastic remix ! Do you want to listen more Gramatik sounds ? Click Here

Muzikat Kill Paris I Do Love You

Muzikat is impressed by the goldmine that is Kill Paris, alias Corey Baker a DJ from Los Angeles. there are a lot of free to download tracks on his Soundcloud. Discover the electro bass, powerful and melodic sounds.

Here is my friends an old school drum and base song from Norfolk, England as it’s not made anymore. This EZ Rollers group from the 90’s lent a lot of its tracks to video games like GTA2 with Short Change . As far as Walk This Land is concerned, it is a soudtrack of the very well known Guy Ritchie movie: Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.
An introduction with a raggae rythm grooved by some trumpets, then comes the drum machine for some more drum and bass domination to finish with a kind of abstrakt coloration. What a good recipe to make a track perfect from the begining until the end of it.

Dubphonic was created by 2 Parisians in 1999. Nora Dub is a really powerful dub song, this one is an example of their deep Dub/beat sound!