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Muzikat was quite busy this week ! But I come back to offer you a wonderful chilling song created by Bakermat a Dutch beatmaker. Enjoy this Jazzy, Electronic and Funky track called Zomer (summer in Dutch). this song is quite close to St Germain creations but even more electronic !

Fauve Saint Anne Muzikat Slam Musique ELectro français Parole Lyrics

Muzikat was stuned by this song “Sainte Anne”… As a french speaker I was fascinated by the text. You can find the lyrics here and translate it into English : ) This wonderful, cynical and angry track was created by FAUVE, a music band formed by three french friends who needed to acquire freedom through music. (By the way Thank you Nathanael) Enjoy… But don’t depress !

Muzikat Chet Faker I am Into You No Diggity Song track Music Musique Electro Electronique Blog
No Diggity (Free To Download !)

I’am Into You

Muzikat found for you Chet Faker, an Australian Artist and producer. This guys is described as The new prince of down tempo. He turns “No Diggity” from Blackstreet into an even smoother, lounge and sexier tune–if you can actually picture it. I also added “I’m Into You”, his latest track. You can discover more songs on his soundcloud here. What a great Artist !

Pony – Deluxe

Superman – Deluxe (Feat Taiwan MC)

Today Muzikat offers you some Electro Swing ! Deluxe is an Electronic, swing pop rock band. Produced by Chinese Man Records the album “Polishing Peanuts” is full of treasures. Their songs are between Jazz, Electro and bands like C2C or Chinese Man. Don’t miss their sounds ! Buy it on Itune: here

Extract from the EP “Man of Wisdom”, this track will satisfy all amateur of deep house music.
You can download the EP from this website there!

Let me introduce the Amercian producer and DJ “Paper Tiger”. John Samuel is since 2001 the Producer, DJ and designer of Doomtree (Hip Hop Collective). This song created by this Beatmaker is close to Trip-Hop and Chill Out. Enjoy !

As his name doesn’t show it, Jacques Renault is a DJ coming from Washington, D.C. He adapts in his track “pianos on the beach” a colored version of the well known “house of the rising sun”.

Chorus, piano and drum, as simple as beautifull. A must to play during your party or home alone!

Muzikat Gramatik While I was Playin' Fair

Let me introduce you Gramatik a Slovenian who live in New York. He discovered Funk, Rythm & Blues and play piano really early ! after that He heard Hip Hop after and had the great idea to mix it ! You will hear quickly his Trademark : Jazz, Funk or swing sample with huge hip hop beat !

Muzikat - BrockBerrigan
The Celebration Song:

Side Brain – Pushing Buttons (Brock Berrigan Remix):

Weekend In The Wilderness:

This is Brock Berrigan a Beat maker, music enthusiast, multi instrumentalist, sample hunter and town drunk guy according to his description : ).
These songs are a short selection, I hope you will like it. “Daily Routine” is his new album with his best songs in it. These tracks are close to abstract Hip Hop and Jazz. You can follow his Soundcloud here :

Parov Stelar new album “The Princess” will be launch on April. This is “Jimmy’s gang” single, electro-swing song as always ! the fifth album already ?!